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3 weeks ago

Oracle Ifa LLC-Study of - USA

Gratitude to Olodumare, Iyami Osoronga Olokiki Oru, the Ancestors, all Irunmole ati Gbogbo Orisas.

Thank you to His Majesty Kabiessi Oba Awo Imule du Benin Kolawole Ayorinde, Princeoluwo Omo Oba Ayorinde all the Kings present during my Ipebi and coronation; as well all the elder Babalawos, true friends and family who have supported me over the years.

Including all those who had a hand in helping this come together for my safe journey to the land of my forefathers in the Federal Republic of Benin to receive my installation as His Majesty Kabiessi Oba (King) Orisa 1 of America Ifagbemi/Orisagbemi Orisaseye Omololu Oduduwatokun Tobalase. President/Founder of Ile Ala Orisa Temples.

May we all walk in Ire. Ase
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Blessings friends and family. After being away on business travel for some time now we are working to respond to all of you who have recently messaged or reached out in a timely fashion; in the order your messages were received.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Iré o.
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4 weeks ago

Oracle Ifa LLC-Study of - USA
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Phone number Between 10AM and 8PM, EST; please leave a detailed voicemail if Kabiessi is unable to answer your call


E-mail Email anytime; Baba will respond in 24-48 hours

Location Main location for in-person consultations and Ifa work.

West Broward & Ft Lauderdale, FL
Consultations and Ifa work are available to you no matter where you live – physical distance does not determine effect.