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Ogbo ato,

Blessings. This is why people are kneeling in protest is situations like this here. Almost every generation has had great leaders rise up to speak out from Muhammad Ali, Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Rosa Parks the list of names is endless. Now individuals such as Colin Kaepernick and many others of our generation are using their platform to raise awareness. These acts of speaking out have laid the groundwork for humanitarian laws all citizens of this country benefit from and it was paid with in blood.

How dehumanizing to tell others that statistics alone determine whether or not someone should feel their particular class is being targeted by what affects us all. “Just look at the numbers of how many whites are being killed compared to those who are black.” How do statements like this in anyway make a person feel seen or heard or validated? Imagine if this was your own family this happened to. Imagine if you would suddenly drop the topic once someone told you the rate of statistics and whether or not this would heal you pain, especially if it were generational and faced silently on a regular basis.

This isn’t a statistical issue, this is human issue and affirming your existence by raising awareness of a real problem doesn’t deserve to be met with replies that this is pulling the “race card” as it were. When a person is victimized they speak from their place of pain, whether it is racial, gender based, economically based, or others is dependent upon many factors such as the reason they were victimized.

Speaking up doesn’t mean every sworn officer is being maligned as racist either, rather this is a call to action to ensure than more good is done than harm by those charged with the duty to uphold justice. It’s a request to ensure only those deserving are given the right to carry a badge.

As a black man, community leader, priest, healer and teacher who nearly faced the loss of my own life from brutality by law enforcement while restrained and verbally abused with hateful racist language over what was a mistake some 10 years ago; I find inspiration from this young man’s story because this could have been me with my own children facing a similar situation as this courageous black man.

I still assist and serve by educating those in law enforcement by sharing self defense training when called upon, I have assisted in consulting LAPD and many other departments with teachers such as Maha Guru Clifford Stewart and I also respect the place I stand in this world in by advocating for equality in my own community. The key is balance.

There is a scripture and prayer in Ifa that says this,

Ere lo to, Ija ko to
Bi a ba ja tan, ere a baje
Dia fun Oso
Tii somo Egba nile Ake
O feyinti, o nfekun sunrahun ire gbogbo
Ebo ni won ni ko waa se
O gbebo, o rubo
Nje, Ife lajulo
E je ki a ma ba’ra wa lo’fe

Friendship is right
Quarrel is bad
After quarrel, friendship is destroyed
This was the message of Ifa for Oso
The offspring in the land of Ake
When he was lamenting for want of all good things of life
He was advised to offer ebo
He complied
Behold! Love is supreme
Let us show love to each other!!
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