Chief Ifagbemi FaseyePresident & Chief Priest of Ile Ala Orisa Temple / Faseye Institute for the Study of Orisa

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Available locally, nationally, and internationally – distance is not a determinant for divination/ritual effectiveness

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  • Chieftaincy title of Oluawo (Head of Ifa priests), received in Oyo Alaafin
  • Olorisa priest, consulting and divining for clients through the use of Erindilogun (16 cowries)
  • Egungun priest (Oje)
Specializing in:
Divination Interpretation100%
Ritual for Transformation100%
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My name is Oloye Ifagbemi Faseye. I am the Chief Priest (Oluawo) of Ile Ala Orisa Temple and President of the Faseye Institute for the Study of Orisa, which is the comprehensive teaching umbrella and organization for our students and priests alike, organized as Oracle Ifa LLC. I began my formal, comparative religious study in 1998. For over 16 years now I have diligently served my community as a healer, diviner, educator, and steward of indigenous spiritual tradition. I currently work mainly as a Babalawo, but also Olorisa.


What or who is a Babalawo? The term Babalawo translates to “father of the mysteries“. Babalawos are the priests and spiritual heads of the West African Tradition known as Ifa. As a Babalawo, I communicate with the Spirit of Destiny known as Orunmila, in order to divine a person’s destiny and, when needed, make edits or changes to this destiny through ritual (or, ebo). Their help is sought after by people of all backgrounds and walks of life.


My journey in west african tradition began in the later part of 2002 while living and working a private Chinese Medicine practice in Colorado. An Orisa priestess  encouraged me towards seeking Ifa initiation as a Babalawo.


Simultaneously at this time I had also been actively involved in Tibetan Buddhism, having received various empowerments and rituals. Along the same vein, I earned a graduate diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine and mastered other traditional healing methods and respective disciplines alongside my spiritual growth. Following the advice of close mentors and guru’s to study closely my ancestor’s practices, I sought and received initiation into the Ifa and Orisa traditions and societies at first as a Babalawo, eventually taking on many more roles and titles. Every teacher I have had before Ifa and including those I have had within my study of Orisa has encouraged me to bring all of my experiences and training into the approach to my own practice while distinguishing between the differences.


My unique path both professionally and personally has laid the solid groundwork for the approach that I choose to take in coaching others such as clients, students, and community. Here in the diaspora (western hemisphere), I believe we need to strike a delicate balance between preserving tradition and also progressing the tradition forward in a respectful manner. Beyond its original roots in Nigeria, this tradition has many universal teachings that can be integrated in our modern world which I believe we all can benefit from and utilize various aspects of to create fuller lives for ourselves and the communities we live within and serve.


There is a proverb in Yoruba wisely shared by Araba Ifayemi Elebuibon of Osogbo which parallels my own humble approach to Ifa, which says: “Ti a ba ri adan, ao fi odide se’bo”, meaning “you improvise when you cannot readily find some materials for ‘sacrifice’ in a foreign land.” It is this spirit of sincerity, fluidity, adaptability, and generosity which guides my own practice that I share with people around the country.


Within my role as an internationally recognized leader of this tradition I enjoy and welcome strong working relationships with practitioners and educators of various backgrounds, fromTaoist priests, Vedic Indian Astrologers, Santeria, Umbanda, and Vodoun  practitioners, to business professionals, college professors, students, and everything in between. I hope to make further connections with good people and devotees in the tradition as well as those curious to learn more about Ifa and Orisa, in order to promote harmony, respect, and understanding among all.

It is this spirit of sincerity, fluidity, adaptability, and generosity which guides my own practice that I share with people around the country.


Thank you for taking the time to read this brief summary of some of my background. I look forward to working with you and sharing in your own personal story.



Chief Oluawo Ifagbemi Faseye
President and Founder of Ile Ala Orisa Temple/Faseye Institute for Study of Orisa
OracleIfa LLC

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